Artificial Green Wall Services in Delhi

Artificial Green Wall Services in Delhi, Vertical Green Wall Construction Company in Delhi, Green Wall Panel Manufacturers in Delhi. Lush green vertical gardens have given a new definition to old soulless archetypical buildings in urban cities. An idea of having a greener surrounding within those grey cement ramparts is the reason behind having a concept of green walls.

Green Walls came into existence through an idea of waterfalls flowing amongst the lush green tropical jungles, by a Frenchman Patrick Blanc. The need for living more sustainable life within urban areas pushed societies to have vertical gardens in place. While the industrialization has brought a lot of civilization into the picture, a smarter approach to build an ecological structure has become the need of the hour.

Green walls add life to your home or work space while lowering down the maintenance cost and efforts for the same. An amazing fact about having green walls embedded is that they can be incorporated into any area of the building, interior or exterior, and are extremely self-sustaining.

But it is important to choose specific plants considering all the factors surrounding the place. Like, plants that require moisture and shade should be placed on the lower side while sun-resistant plants should be placed on top. Perennial flowers, evergreens, and mosses create a generalized look for the landscape so they should be well distributed, combined throughout the wall.

Wondering how are these vertical gardens or green walls stay supportive and green? Well, an internal watering system, built with pipes, is spread across the landscape to support the greens stay greener. And they get to breathe just fine, through the space between the walls and the building which also reduces the need to implant soil onto the green walls, keeping them totally green and clean. Apart from the fact that vertical gardens beautify the space, it also keeps the inside cooler, naturally.

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